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HeadPinz App

Led front-end development for a hybrid cross-platform web app with ecommerce and payment APIs. Used TypeScript, React.js, Redux, Mantine, React Router, and Node. Integrated with Square Beta API, Azure, Microsoft SQL Databases, and Docker.

Tech Stack
  • TypeScript
  • SQL
  • Docker
  • Azure

AI Arcade Game

Developed a dynamic arcade game using JS ES6, React.js, and Three.js, centered around visualizing objects through object tracking computer vision AI. Showcased proficiency in modern JavaScript and immersive 3D visualizations. Ongoing commitment to cutting-edge technologies in AI-driven gaming experiences.

Tech Stack
  • JavaScript
  • Python

    TikTok-Inspired Web App

    Developed a mobile-first web app emulating TikTok's UI/UX using React. Implemented middleware with Node.js and Express to connect with a third-party content API. Regrettably taken offline in 2023 due to privatization of the API. Demonstrates adaptability in responding to external changes and solid full-stack web development foundation.

    Tech Stack
    • JavaScript

      Drumkit Downloader

      Designed and implemented a free drumkit downloader using advanced web scraping techniques and HTTP requests. Systematically scrapes and analyzes trending drumkit download links from Reddit, providing a user-friendly GUI for streamlined kit selection. Optimizes link navigation, download management, and drumkit extraction, showcasing versatility and user convenience.

      Tech Stack
      • Python

      Giphy-Spotify Sync Visualizer

      Developed a Next.js visualizer synchronizing Giphy GIFs with Spotify song BPM. Used event-driven and asynchronous Node.js to interact with the Spotify API. Currently in closed beta, awaiting Spotify approval. Showcases expertise in real-time data synchronization and event-driven programming.

      Tech Stack
      • Next.js
      • Spotify API
      • GIPHY API


      • Frontend

        HTML/CSS/JS | Bootstrap
        React | Next.js | Tailwind

      • Backend

        Node.js | Python | Bash
        TypeScript | noSQL | SQL

      • Cloud

        AWS | GitHub | Vercel
        Cloudflare | Docker | Azure


      I have a passion for technology that dates back to my early years when I first encountered computers. At the age of 10, I attempted to install a Gameboy Pokemon emulator from a YouTube tutorial, inadvertently breaking my first computer. This incident sparked my curiosity, and I began diving deeper into the world of IT.

      As I continued to explore, I found myself working on my dad's digital music collection, thanks to his DJ background. However, I had another mishap at 15 when I placed my laptop on a powerful subwoofer, frying the hard drive. This setback pushed me into the world of Linux, and I installed Ubuntu as a cost-effective solution.

      In high school, I engaged in the Engineering & Robotics Program for all four years. This foundation paved the way for my academic journey in Software Engineering at Florida Gulf Coast University.

      My gaming skills also flourished during this time, placing me in the top 1% of League of Legends players in North America. Alongside my brother, I co-founded a YouTube channel that garnered over a million views, a significant achievement in 2017. This success attracted attention, leading to my initial foray into web development at KashingTonz Bully Kamp. Additionally, I received offers for SEO roles and video creation from various individuals and businesses.

      Due to personal health reasons, I took a break from coding between 2018 and 2022. However, in 2022, I rekindled my passion for programming and completed five different certifications in JavaScript, including Node.js and React. My journey has been marked by curiosity, resilience, and a commitment to mastering technology.

      Bonita Springs Lions Club

      2016 Scholarship Recipient

      Spotlight News Magazine

      Estero Chamber of Commerce

      2016 Scholarship Recipient

      Naples Daily News







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